I HAVE SEEN GOD DO IT by Sherwood Eddy
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For over forty years, the author's name has been synonymous with world conferences, missions, Y.M.C.A. work and student work in colleges around the world. He was at Northfield when Dwight Moody was at his height, at Mukden when the first hole was made in the dikes of Democracy. The Far East, the Near East and Europe are as familiar to him as the states. Leaders everywhere are his friends. He has taken part in debates on religion in Russia and elsewhere. In this book, personal religion, social gospel, world politics and economics are discussed from the author's first hand experience and the Christian viewpoint. An accredited author gives a convincing account of God at work the world around. His chapters on Russia, on Gandhi, on our present dilemma, help clarify a lot of current questions, and he deals with complex problems in simple, ABC fashion. Promote this book on your current non-fiction table as well as on the religious shelf.

Publisher: Harper