MAN DISCOVERS GOD by Sherwood Eddy
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Through the lives of more than 30 men, covering a span of almost 30 centuries, we are the various and, sometimes, unconventional ways in which God and faith can be discovered. With the help of biographical details and with quotations from the writings of each man, Dr. Eddy succeeds in giving us a clear impression in little space. This is a book for the devout, for the general reader and for the skeptic who cannot fall to be impressed by the unusual spirit and accomplishments of some of the characters, especially those like Booker Washington, Gandhi, Reinhold Niebuhr and Albert Schweitzer. The fundamentalist, also, should find food for thought in these individual discoveries of God which cannot be forced into any standard pattern of experience. These pathfinders include Plato, some of the Jewish prophets, the apostles, St. Augustine, Francis of Assii, Pascal, George Fox, Luther, Sir Isaac Newton, Pasteur, Tolstoy, William Rainey Harper and others.

Publisher: Harper