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A Very Bunny Documentary

by Sheryl Marie and illustrated by Sheryl Marie

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 2010
ISBN: 978-1453810392
Publisher: CreateSpace

Sing-song rhymes accompany charming colorful illustrations in this lively twist on a pet adoption book.

Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo are two brown, fluffy, sister bunnies that the author adopts from a pet store. Rain-drop gets her name after she gets caught in the rain and doesn’t flinch at getting wet; Peek-a-boo’s name comes from the rabbit’s habit of hiding and running back and forth beneath a shelf in her cage when her owner appears. The book is composed of a series of anecdotes, most a single page in length, that are vignettes about how Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo arrive home for the first time, their first hop in the house, a description of bunny kisses (when a bunny licks your nose), how the sisters climb into their bowls to eat and the variety of mischievous but fun games that the pair play—both with themselves and with their owner. Each mini-story is complemented with computer-based illustrations that convey a specific detail in the story, such as the scene when the bunnies play with a doorstopper and watch it bounce and vibrate. Despite a palette of soft, muted pastels and rainbow-shaded fonts for words such as boing, thrump and vroom, the author makes sure that Rain-drop and Peek-a-boo take center stage in these illustrations, depicting them slightly oversized in every image to emphasize their important role in the action. Terrific for sharing, this rhyming “read to me” book not only depicts the uniqueness of these two rabbits but demonstrates the very special relationship that the author has with her beloved pets.

A personalized picture book best suited for those who really love rabbits.