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EAGLE DREAMS by Sheryl  McFarlane


by Sheryl McFarlane & illustrated by Ron Lightburn

Age Range: 4 - 8

Pub Date: April 19th, 1995
ISBN: 0-399-22695-8
Publisher: Philomel

 Robin, a farm boy who dreams of soaring above the clouds is suddenly confronted with the reality of a wounded eagle lying in his father's fields. His father tells the visiting veterinarian it would be best to end the creature's suffering. Robin, whose spirit resides with the eagle, promises the injured bird he'll fly again. He catches salmon for it, finds it space to exercise its healing wing, and keeps his vow to his father that his new responsibility won't interfere with his own chores. The day comes when the eagle, fully healed, swoops through the doors of the barn, back to his life of freedom. When night falls, Robin sits at his bedroom window, watching for the silhouettes of the eagles on the fir tree where they perch. Despite anthropomorphisms (``the eagle called out its anger at the constraints the barn imposed, not caring why but only when it was that it could go''), this is a simple story quietly told. The evocative illustrations complement that mood in another successful joint venture by the creators of Waiting for the Whales (1993). (Picture book. 4-8)