MEN OF SPACE: Vol. 2 by Shirlay Thomas


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In her second volume, Miss Thomas presents ten more revealing personal portraits of the men in the vanguard of astronautics, with a representative on nearly every level of this diversified science. This volume covers Scott Crossfield, test pilot whose personal traits oddly parallel the tangible characteristics of his ; Thomas T. Dixon, engine designer of Atlas, Thor, Jupiter, Redstone and Saturn; Walter R. Dornberger, former commander of the V 2 rocket; Edward Teller, nuclear physicist whose vision pointed the way to the H-bomb; William Pickering, director of Jet Propulsion which achieved Explorer I; Fred Whipple, W. Randolph Lovelace, Simon Ramo, Robert Truax and Hugh Dryden. Although their names may be unfamiliar, these are some of the leaders in space, research, development and exploration. Their sketches, profusely spattered with direct quotations, dramatically illustrate the obstacles they overcame, on the path to achievement. Background biographical material is used as a means of discovering the most potent factors of influence on their work. Miss Thomas writes with enthusiasm and in each case she has chosen a different approach. At a time when the subject of outer space is headline news, the market for this should overreach its normal boundaries.

Pub Date: June 30th, 1961
Publisher: Chilton