PEACE, MY DAUGHTERS by Shirley Barker


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This is Salem where they hung the witches"" in the story of Remember who was loved by the Devil himself. With the coming of John Horne, a shoemaker, the brew of evil starts to sier, and although Remember knowes the bewitching to be unreal, she is powerless to stop the mounting hysteria which admits no innocence in the accused. Damned by the Circle of girls, who in fits, in visions, hold the limelight at the trials, old and young men and women are found guilty of practising black arts and hung. Even Remember, through the viciousness of one who loves John Horne, is tried, but John saves her. It is not until Remember drives him out that peace returns. An always tempting subject, this has a sure knowledge of historical facts and a wise understanding of the atmosphere of the period.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1949
Publisher: Crown