HAUNTED HOUSE by Shirley Hughes


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This scaled-down old-fashioned melodrama starts out with two boys investigating a haunted house but soon settles down inside where little Mary lives with her Granny, the new caretaker. Having set out to rescue the presumably imprisoned girl glimpsed through a window, the boys stay to donate hand-me-downs when Mary cries over her granny-made clothes, and to help rescue her cat Uriah when the mansion's grouchy owner Captain Grimthorpe moves in with his vicious red-eyed dog. All ends well when Uriah unmasks (or rather de-wigs) the villain, who is not Captain Grimthorpe at all but the captain's lazy deadbeat brother Maurice; Maurice flees, Granny stays on as the house is converted to an old people's home, and Mary moves in with the boys. It's all related with a proper straight face and illustrated engagingly, but readers who start out on a hunt for spooks might be disappointed to find only the shade of a spoof.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1978
Publisher: Prentice-Hall