ALFIE GETS IN FIRST by Shirley Hughes


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Another of Hughes' fond, recognizable views of everyday disorder. On the way home from shopping with mother, Alfie races ahead and brags about getting home first. But after Mom unlocks the row-house door and goes back for little Annie Rose in her stroller, the door slams shut. Alfie, who has rushed inside, can't open it, and his bragging turns to tears that match Annie Rose's when the family is trapped on different sides of the door. Well, the commotion brings Mrs. MacNally hurrying across the street, followed by her daughter Maureen. The milkman also tries to help, and finally Maureen fetches a nearby window-washer with his ladder to climb in the bathroom window. Just as he does, Alfie manages to open the door. ""He was very pleased with himself,"" as his posture and expression winningly reveal. The last double-page shows the lot--milkman, window-washer, and all--sharing a convivial tea in Mom's kitchen. Warming.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1982
ISBN: 1862307830
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard