COME ALONG WITH ME by Shirley Jackson
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A discriminating collection of previously published and new material-stories, three lectures, and a novel, Come Along With Me, unfinished at the author's death in 1965. Miss Jackson was wooed by houses and places which pulsated with chilly and bewildering demands casting out intruders, keeping their own meter of time, hoarding their people alive and dead with tipsy claustrophobia. An elderly woman is eddied into a nightmare when she stays in a mouldering mansion outraged by neon (""The Bus""); a village, impelled by a seasonal ground swell, ejects summer visitors; a runaway girl returns to find her home and parents grown beyond her belonging; a castled dwelling, replete with ominous tapestries and a witch in the tower, gently closes a trap; a career woman flees wildly from terror in a dear ""Little House."" The brief unfinished novel plunges sturdily into a sinister setting with the excursions of a lady medium. For refreshment and relief, three humorous stories and the lectures are included. . . . An essential overview of the world of Shirley Jackson, including the spare and pristine terror of ""The Lottery"" and the warmth and gaiety of Life Among the Savages. And do not miss ""The Bus.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Viking