THE FLIGHT OF THE FOX by Shirley Rousaeau Murphy


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Rory is a resourceful kangaroo rat, Crispin an amiable lemming, and Charlie a motherless boy who stumbles on Rory and a broken model bi-plane--a Fox--in the town dump. As is invariably the nature of such situations, both animals talk and Rory has additional talents--he writes letters and repairs planes. Somewhat predictably, the three set to fixing the plane so the two animals can fly it. They pick up some needed information from flight magazines at the airfield nearby, closed because of an infestation of starlings, and enter into correspondence with Mary Start Colver who turns out to be a famous flyer. Meanwhile Charlie makes a few requests for old parts at the local hobby shop and hopes his father, relocated since the airfield closed, will come home soon. The grand finale has the two petite pilots lead the starlings away to a town with an infestation of grasshoppers just before Charlie's father introduces him to special correspondent Colver. Murphy's swiped her starlings from Hitchcock's Birds and the plot's just routine, although antique airplane buffs might enjoy the flight.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1978
Publisher: Atheneum