LOOK TO THE ROSE by Shirley Seifert


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This novel of a marriage has the Civil War for its background and brings Eleanor Lytle Kinzie as William W. Gordon's bride to Savannah in 1857, from Chicago, from the comfort and security of her father's home there to the withdrawn and critical local society and her mother-in-law, Sarah's, unquestioned domination. Willy's membership in the Georgia Hussars becomes real and active when war is declared and Nelly, with the babies, makes every effort to follow him. But she is forced to return to Savannah -- on her own terms and independent of Sarah -- when southern defense is stepped up and Willy always in the front line. The surrender of Savannah is the means by which she is persuaded to take the children to Chicago and, with the Union victory, Willy's love falters in his belief that she has turned against him. The marriage is saved and Nelly comes back to Savannah ready to raise her (now) larger family in true southern tradition. A determined, chin-up woman's way of living through anxious times sets this in a woman's market and the historical Civil War researching is a solid foundation.

Publisher: Lippincott