MEN OF SPACE, Vol. I by Shirley Thomas


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Although she has a tendency to over-write, Miss Thomas can be readily forgiven for this because she has put together with great commonsense revealing personal portraits of ten of the men who are helping bring about man's age-old dream, flight to the stars. This Volume I covers Krafft Ehricke, Robert Goddard, J. A. Van Allen, Wernher von Braun, and six others less famous but equally spectacular. Chilton claims that subsequent volumes will present biographies of other noted pioneers in space research, development, and exploration ""until all the most important have been covered"" . An impressive six-man advisory committee of congressmen, an educator, and armed forces notables has selected all the names to be included. More and more books on space subjects will be forthcoming, but Men of Space has started off well and offers an encyclopedia of personal biography. It is certain to be appreciated by higher-brow science fiction fans because it stresses the far-sightedness of the men under study. It should be avidly received by space enthusiasts and is appropriate to the tastes of general readers who like to feel they are more intimately acquainted with the backgrounds of exciting personalities who will be making headlines for years to come.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1960
Publisher: Chilton