COOKING OF THE MAHARAJAS: The Royal Recipes of India by Shivaji Rau & Shalina Devi Holkar

COOKING OF THE MAHARAJAS: The Royal Recipes of India

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An opulent connoisseur's cookbook to satisfy philosophical and aesthetic appetites. And don't take the pandit's advice about catering to the bodily humors lightly--the recipes are as rich and cunning as you'd expect from the maharaja's kitchens. One calling for gold and silver leaf is a conversation piece, but some might actually try Camel's Hump Kabobs, which call for eggs beaten and then poured back into their shells to cook. The Holkars do share some of the secret techniques of Brahmin cooks and the food is authentic--in fact the highly spiced version of lassi, a buttermilk drink, may well be too authentic for American palates. This is not a basic translation like Madhur Jaffrey's Invitation to Indian Cooking (1973) and even journeymen Indian cooks might not care to celebrate the glories of the raj at $14.95 or collect another expensive, non-vegetarian lamb and yogurt combination. Definitely a luxury item, nevertheless with ineffable appeal for the rickshaw trade. Sumptuous photos and reproductions are promised along with the lofty text.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Viking