SALVATION: R Edition by Sholem Asch


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The mood of the reading public has altered materially -- and spiritually - since this was published in 1934. The interest in books with a religious background; the increased awareness of the Jew of his spiritual heritage; the crying need for guidance to a better moral and ethical concept and way of life; these factors and others warrant the decision to reissue this book, written before Asch's widened market was fully aware of him. His Three had established his significance but proved insufficient groundwork, even for those readers interested in a serious novel. Today there may well be more interest in the underlying theme,- that goodness is not of the head but of the heart. Religion plays a vital part in the picture, and there is a preservation of the sense of historical unity characteristic of Asch's other religious titles. The character of Jeckiel, who became a Rabbi and for eighteen years worked miracles for his people in Russia a century ago, is so well done that he emerges from every page, complete and significant. There is a universality in his interpretation of the essential spirit of religion that should reach beyond a Jewish market...

Publisher: Putnam