CAT HOTEL by Siddie Joe Johnson
Kirkus Star


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Here's an unusual boy-and-cat story, that has enough oddly logical quirks and coincidences to turn it into a good dose of catnip for the reader. Ted Mahon, 12, is faced with a problem when his parents must go to South America for some months on business. What can he do with his cat Butch, while they are gone? Just as the problem is many sided, so is the solution. First, Ted talks it over with his minister, who also happens to like cats. Then he meets Morgan Bartlett, a young photographer with a one-man show of cat pictures in the local museum. Finally, there is Mrs. Dietrich, lovable eccentric, whose cats are her main occupation. She boards cats, so she boards Ted with Butch, while the Mahons go south. There are even some Latin American cats and children at Mrs. Dietrich's too, and all- minister, photographer, cats and kids add up to considerable entertainment.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1955
Publisher: Longmans, Green