OKOVANGO by Sidney Legendre
Kirkus Star


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From what might have been just another hunting expedition has emerged a highly entertaining book. The author takes neither himself nor his wife, nor any member of the expedition, too seriously. With candid and disarming humor he describes the trek into Southwest Africa along the Okovango River, the quarry varying from lions and elands to the illusive kudu, all destined to end as re-assembled bones in the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. Coupled with hearty belly laughs is some solid information about native tribes, their customs and their culture. Admittedly poor marksmen, the hunters frequently threatened to wash up the whole project, but in the end they accomplished their purpose with less boastfulness (and more fun) than other safaris. Good reading for the Peter Fleming enthusiast and for the arm-chair adventurer, with a gesture towards those of his scientific cousins who enjoy fun at their own expense. Good selling jacket.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1939
Publisher: Messner