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A trade unionist explores the mystery of the hold that Stalin's ""counterfeit revolution"" has on idealists and intellectuals -- and the reasons why though America won the war it is losing the peace to Soviet Russia. He traces the curve of the sort of revolution that exists in Russia, and the two-facedness of the actual revolution. Dominated by fear, by terror, what are the luren? So called cultural freedom, government aid for a students, negative opposition to the West- these are seen in the microcosm of East Berlin. He looks at the spread between Tito and Stalin, sees it exaggerated but feels that Tito may find it expedient to break out of the cycle. A more important possible parallel exists in China, Stalin's Achilles heel. Stalin is afraid of revolution within, of mass revolt. The zigzags of the Communist parties everywhere are his rearguard defence, while he wages war for people's minds, and creates and create an aura of religious fervor, identification with the underprivileged. In Western Europe the situation is apathy- anti communistic but pro nothing, with America unpopular everywhere. The Marshall Plan has failed to sift below the top. Neo-Naziism is evident in Germany. The deal with France has cost us immeasurable loss psychologically. The sluggish West is Stalin's secret weapon. We cannot co exist with Communism. We cannot enforce peace with military might. We must try now to win the war for the minds of people by a progressive political program and make of it a crusade to combat the counterfeit revolution.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1952
Publisher: Beacon Press