THE ILLUSION OF EVE by Sidney shan


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seems inconceivable that anything fresh, different or challenging could the problems of women in today's society. The astonishing plethora of titles recently have dissected almost every aspect of the subject. But of Eve, Sidney Callahan probes the role of women with distinctive serenity which quietly -- yet firmly --lays to rest many of Betty Mystique) more frenetic ideas. There is a mature balance and absorbing book that its counterparts have failed to achieve. Mrs. of five young children -- is proof that today's woman can live a vocation"" without sacrificing husband and family on the alter ambition. Contending that as ""revolutionary winds blow within ideas about woman must be re-examined,"" the author delves relevant passages about women that have been over-looked or mis discussing woman as wife, mother and worker, she asks only for a gives freedom to different woman to do different things. This top priority on any reading list for a college marriage course. discuss it. Engaged couples should read it together, and education that it is required reading for young women. The illusion of Eve misconceptions unjustifiably applied to modern Eves.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1965
Publisher: Sheed & Ward