LET'S READ A STORY by Sidonie Matener- Ed. Gruenberg


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The expert hand of Mrs. Gruenberg here insures a competency of selection that is thoroughly dependable. But somehow, the emphasis on choice of stories for the matter of fact youngsters who want stories that might be about themselves and their own experiences lends a character to the collection that is healthful and soothing rather than vivid reading -- and all with happy endings and familiar acenes. Nowhere a suggestion of conflict, of violence or excitement, which strains vitality and leaves a sense of emasculated literature for the over-protected young. This despite the roll-call of eminent writers:- A. A. Milne, Wanda Gag, Miriam Clark Potter, Margaret Wise Brown, Dorothy Aldis, Carolyn Haywood, Phyllis McGinley and others. But one still longs for a dash of paprika and a pinch of spice.

Publisher: Garden City