FLIGHT FROM THE HUNTER by Siegfried Stander


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Leroux, a French-Canadian photographer, hires a plane in South Africa to fly him over the veld for some wildlife pictures he hopes will match the best he's taken in the past. He invites Lisl, a folksinger, along for the ride. When they are shot down by two poachers, the poachers take fright and also shoot the pilot. So Leroux and Lisl are prisoners while the poachers make abortive tries to escape the area, then are forced to retrace their way back to the crashed plane when they recall that Leroux's camera still has theft pictures taken from the air. After great strain, and a brush with lions, the party is eventually boxed in by the police for a final shootout. The story is told just like that, with little to impede the forward flow of events (except a few flashbacks for padding) and with minimal characterization. Sheer plotto.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1977
Publisher: St. Martin's