AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Sigmund Freud


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As Freud himself says, his autobiography is the story of his work, its inception, development and chance for future progress. So the space devoted to the man is negligible. It is interesting to follow the steps of discovery -- the adaptation of one theory here, another there, a method here, a method there, to make what is known today as psycho-analysis. Some case histories, simply to illustrate a point. The wide interest in Freud should insure a reasonably good sale. The book, however, is not gauged to whet the public curiosity -- and the new material added to the original long biographical essay, simply brings down to the present data concerning the Jung-Adler defections and the results, and certain facts about the introduction of the psycho-analytic method into medicine everywhere.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1935
Publisher: Norton