CARNIVAL BY THE SEA by Sigrid de Lima


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Again (Captain's Beach. The Swift Cloud) an overcast perspective of sick souls and minds as they are accelerated by the remembrance of things past to the vertigo of disintegration. Ed Miller, who has tried to lose his identity as David Albany, stops off at Carnival-By-The-Sea, the home of his childhood, where his stepmother, Jessica, had maimed him physically and emotionally. There Jessica Albany, wheel-chair bound, lives alone with her parrot, her dogs, her hatred of the husband who had deserted her, and her guilty memories of David, of his sister- Maidie- who had died, and of Dissy, her own child, who had gone insane. Dissy, now in a nearby asylum, runs away and returns to her mother who rejects her once again- and her escape deadends in the hall of mirrors of an amusement park where the distorted refraction of her image has its obvious parallel... A grotesque of lives which are dissonant and distraught, crowded and shadowed by the past to a point of no return- this is indeed a wasteland through which you will travel with disbelief and discomfort. Limited.

Publisher: Scribner