CATHERINE OF SINA by Sigrid Undset


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A few months before her death in 1949 Sigrid Undset completed this biography of Catherine of Siena. In a sense this book constitutes the famous Norwegian author's acknowledgment of the mystical beauty and profound truth she had come to find in the Catholic faith after her conversion. In view of the author's interest in enlarging the participation of women in public life, it is natural that her attention should be drawn to one of the comparatively few women to be canonized by the church of Rome. No doubt, too, the rather baffling and contradictory personality and career of St. Catherine of Siena constituted a challenge to the author's powers of interpretation. In any event, the story is told interestingly and reverently of how a pious young girl first hermited herself in the midst of a large and bustling household and eventually plunged herself into public life to become an influential figure in the life of the church in an era of extreme turmoil. Primarily a book for Catholic readers, but the author's skill and reputation as a writer will appeal to others.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1954
Publisher: Sheed & Ward