SURTSEY: The New Island in the North Atlantic by Sigurdur Thorarinsson

SURTSEY: The New Island in the North Atlantic

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Surtsey was ""a geologist's 'blessed event.'"" On November 14, 1963, it erupted out of the sea off the Icelandic coast. The event was witnessed by fishermen, quickly reported to leading geologist Thorarinsson, who has spent much time since watching its progress. He writes here of the nearly eleven centuries of history behind Surtsey, of the relentless struggle between the advance of lava and the sea, of the coming of life to Surtsey (plants, ravens). The volcanic activity was still occurring at the time he finished this book (the eruption had ended in the summer of 1965 and left an island half the size of Central Park), which is essentially a picture book with words. Many are in color; all tell an exciting story for those open to natural wonders.

Publisher: Viking