NEWSPAPER CRUSADERS: A Neglected Story by Silas Bent


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The story of militant journalism, the champions of reform, the defenders of individuals and causes, by the author of Ballyhoo and Strange Bedfellows. Three men are considered in detail:- Pulitzer who fought corruption in high finance, politics and foreign affairs; Hearst who fought the ""plunderbund"" of utilities and great riches; and Scripps, champion of labor. Then follow more general chapters on colonial crusaders, newspapers versus the constitution and its amendments, the slavery issue, the K K K, Tammany, and other Augean stables. He looks on the bright side, painting a rosy picture of journalism, though in one chapter he recognizes a few sins of omissions. Somehow he fails to convince this reader of the soundness of his selection of champions; the book on the whole lacks the dynamics of George Seldes' Lords of the Press. Quieter, less controversial, more popular with journalists. Over-documented for the layman, prosey in style.

Publisher: Whittlesey