THE RAG DOLLS by Simon Cooper


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Imported from England in a gesture toward the common market, a very cheap novel about the tatty doings of groggily swinging London in a whirl of fashion premieres, advertising campaigns, television interviews, drugs and unisex. Presiding over a chain of stores called Ragtime and the originator of new products (an honest cologne called Sweat, for instance) is Alex and her mannequins who include Caroline and Rupert known as Mr. and Mrs. Fashion, Caroline's brother (incest here), a homosexual pop singer, etc., etc. A great deal of interminable and indistinguishable activity in the bed but under all the maquillage, it's hard to say whether dullness is more indulged than tastelessness-a matter of footless speculation.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1969
Publisher: Wrold/NAL