HEALING: Human and Divine by Simon- Ed. Doniger

HEALING: Human and Divine

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A composite book by fourteen eminent doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and theologians, including such well-known names as Earl Loomis, John A. P. Millet, Carl Rogers, Paul Johnson, George Albert Coe, Paul Tillich, Cyril C. Richardson and Wayne E. Oates. Such as these contribute their views on the increasing mutual dependency of religion and psychiatry, the effects of prayer on the total person, and the facts and promise of spiritual healing. The book tells about how science, faith and prayer can work together to heal men's minds and bodies. It speaks directly to and for the growing body of clergymen, scientists and laymen who recognize the unity of body, mind and spirit in healing. It is an important book in this expanding field; one which many a professional and layman will wish to make their own.

Pub Date: May 24th, 1957
Publisher: Association Press