VESSEL OF WRATH by Simon Gantillon


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This translation from the French- by Haakon Chevalier-preserves the lyrical, almost fervid quality of the original in a transcription of the kinship of a man and his ship. Stephan, the captain, has a monogamous devotion to his boat, through the violence of a storm which almost sinks the ship. Exhausted, in a coma, Stephan is taken to a hospital when the ship puts in for repairs. When he sets sail again, Maria, an Indian girl, stows away. She falls in love with Stephan but when rebuffed, in revenge corrupts the crew, tries to set fire to the ship, which, at the eerie close of the story, mysteriously vanishes from the sea...Of rather special interest; not for the general maritime book market which might not like the poetic emotionalism of this strange story.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1947
Publisher: Putnam