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The Explosive Adventures of an Element Hunter

From the Itch series, volume 1

by Simon Mayo

Age Range: 10 - 15

Pub Date: April 2nd, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4549-0509-7
Publisher: Splinter/Sterling

Collecting stamps is boring. Why not start a more exciting collection, like dangerous elements?

Itchingham Lofte never meant to get himself, his cousin and sister sick with radiation poisoning. He never meant to attract the attention of heartless corporations and evil terrorist groups. He certainly never meant to provoke his science teacher into attack mode. But Itch has an unusual, dangerous hobby—he collects the elements. And when one of his contacts delivers an unusual rock, Itch is thrilled. Instead of being afraid, he’s excited when the Geiger counter at school goes wild in reaction to the radioactive rock. But then begins the complicated task of finding a safe place for the amazing rock—and seven more just like it—while avoiding the ruthless people who want to use the element toward disastrous ends. British radio host and debut novelist Mayo delivers a fun, frightening, gutsy adventure story populated by heroic young people who refuse to back down from their save-the-world mission, even as their treasure renders them sick. These kids are smart enough to worry about their choices and moral enough to know those choices will make a political difference on a global scale.

Fans of science will love its central role, and those readers who crave adrenalin will appreciate the view from the edge of their seats. (Adventure. 10-15)