LOW BITE by Sin Soracco


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Short, quirky, noir first novel set in a woman's prison and, alternately, vicious, funny, cunning, ruthless, explicit, and incomprehensible. Morgan works in the prison library as the unofficial cons' lawyer. The case that interests her most is that of China--the pretty one (in on conspiracy to murder) who wanted to kill husband Raymond, but didn't. Who then? Maybe his brother Leonard, who visits China every week? Or Varney, who was his secretary in the real-estate office (a scam) and still keeps it going? Helping to sort through things is yuppie go-getter attorney Alexander, who renders advice to inmates free. To appease her inside lover's jealousy, China arranges for brother-in-law Leonard to visit Rosalie, who accepts his message in a cigarette packet. Meanwhile, there are a near riot; jockeying for best prison job: guard baiting; guard seducing; prisoner baiting; prisoner seducing; old "outside" skills put to "inside" uses (forgery, for instance); and a Bahamian wrap-up that finds secretary Varney swindled by the yuppie lawyer, while Leonard is arrested in the visiting room. Somewhat eerie "doing time" dialogue, which occasionally could use subtitles; but, overall, this is a tough, original look at inside loves and larcenies.

ISBN: 88739-137-0
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