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Alec Brooke and Nancy Fraser, brought up virtually together in Iowa, had dreamed dreams and seen visions -- and built a future around their love of the distant sea and beats and the half-legendary Island of the far Pacific, Trumbull's Island -- doubted by staid authorities -- assured in Alec's recurrent dream of ""The High Barbaree"" as he called it -- and as he armed the Catalian that he piloted out of Gusdaloanal...Then came the lone battle with the sub -- and the long days drifting in line with the mythical Island -- and a story of childhood recaptured -- and, the end. Death for Mauriao, and for Alec the miracle of The High Barbaree, living up to his dreams and more, and there -- greater miracle, the two people he loved best. Nancy and Uncle Thad, and others, a ship-wrecked missionary like his father, and natives, and beauty and happiness and past and present and future merged in one...It did not need the to tell us that High Berbaree see Alec's new heaven and new earth, and that at long last he and Nancy shared the dream, Sensitively and beautifully done -- with more substance than The but with the same rare quality of the reality of things dreamed of.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1945
Publisher: Little, Brown