THE ROAD TO SAFETY by Sir Arthur Willert


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Subtitled ""A Study in Anglo- American Relations"" this is concerned with the diplomatic history of World War I particularly in relation to the work of Sir William Wiseman who went from an inconspicuous to a key post through his able work in Washington. From intelligence to propaganda, he was liaison between Wilson, House and the high politics of the war, his organization pioneered in some secret agent activities, he was sensitive to every shade of White House and national feeling, he fought for his country's patient handling of a necessary. If difficult ally and was on hand for the Peace conferences. There are excerpts from his dispatches, from the author's own reports as correspondent for The Times, there are the various missions and their heads -- Balfour, Northcliffe and others;- there are the obstacles to coordination in the war effort. An informative addendum to the behind the scenes World War I diplomatic story, this will be absorbing reading for the close follower of recent history.

Publisher: Praeger