THE LIVING COMMUNITY by Sister Helen Marie Beha


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The religious life, at least in its most usual expression, is synonymous with ""community life,"" and the brother, sister, or priest rises or falls in proportion to the adjustment that he is able to make to the demanding conditions of community life. This book studies the religious life under that most important aspect, analyzing and commenting upon first the qualities of the person in the community, and then the nature of the community itself. This is a necessary book at a time when not only the nature, but also the validity, of traditional religious life is under scrutiny, and the author has carried it off with a high degree of competence and perceptiveness. If there be a fault, it lies in the author's patient didactic-condescending style--a fault known, appropriately enough, as ""being nunny."" Since the book is intended almost exclusively for persons living in convents, however, the unquestionable merits of Sister Helen Marie's work far outweigh any rhetorical defects.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1967
Publisher: Bruce