HER NAME IS MERCY by Sister Maria del Rey


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Pacific Hopscotch (1951) and In and Out The Andes (1955) told of the work of the Maryknoll Sisters in those regions; here the story is of three, led by Sister Mercy, who, nine months after the outbreak of the Korena War, re-entered Pusan to set up a clinic for the destitute refugees flooding the city. Aided by Korean nuns, living in their former convent, they diagnose, treat disease, dispense clean clothing and food from meager stores donated by private individuals and Catholic charities; they went out to trenches and caves to help those who could not come to them. They fought TB, smallpox, malnutrition, and the sick had to wait in line days on end for treatment when the refugee figures mounted. Their work went forward with the arrival of more sisters, nurses and doctors from the U. S. Army and U. N. forces and finally, with U. S. Army Engineers joined by the Korean government, homes are built, sanitation facilities provided and hospitals begun. When the Maryknoll Hospital is completed Sister Mercy is recalled to the U. S. for rest and reassignment. Any awkwardness in the writing is overbalanced by the story of these selfless women -- one of whom gave her life -- which is a shining tribute to human compassion in face of human need.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1957
Publisher: Scribner