NO TWO ALIKE by Sister Maria del Rey


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...are the religious of Maryknoll who come from many pasts to go out as missionaries around the globe. Sister Anne Cecilia was of Lithuanian stock and grew up in Depression-hit Massachusetts without a father; Sister Patricia Marie moved from the Philadelphia of her childhood to the Philippines and a mission where she was assured that the people liked her (""You have been here six years and you haven't been killed yet""); Sister Juliana went from a farm in Wyoming to a mission in Dairen, Manchuria; Sister McCloskey from housekeeping in Median, Pa. to Bolivia's Green Hell. Other personalities emerge: Mother General Mary Colman on a mission to Jacaltenango, Guatemala; Mother Foundress Mary Joseph still influencing others from a hospital. There are tales of illness accepted by faith as a promising Japanese Hawaiian student faces leprosy, the loss of one life and founding of another; there are stories of love for God--of Leah Feinman who was a Jewish convert to Catholicism and came to Maryknoll; of Martha Goodson, on her way; of Virginia born Negro Geneva Lassiter, who as Sister Maria Corde finds her work in Africa. These all have a more or less pointed inspirational appeal...

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1965
Publisher: Dodd, Mead