PACIFIC HOPSCOTCH by Sister Maria del Rey


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A personal record which although of specific interest to Catholics has a wide appeal, for Sister Maria del Rey's experiences encompass much travelling in the East and many human interest stories. There is flight from Communists, and also trouble from the Nationalists in China; life aboard a sampan; travels by jeep and plane; descriptions of the Church going underground when extinction threatened; on to Guam, Japan, Korea, Molokai -- and everywhere the burgeoning of Catholicity, and the strong little sprouts of the Church. It is too a record of work of the Mary-knoll Sisters, attempted and often completed, of an army of good whose stores of necessary supplies proved invaluable to those in need, of faith which could not be destroyed or threatened. A warm, lively, hop, skip and jump report which need not be necessarily limited.

Publisher: Scribner