THE ROAD BACK: A Program of Rehabilitation by

THE ROAD BACK: A Program of Rehabilitation

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In pamphlet form, a great deal of sound information, advice and ""pep talk"" is brought together, material intended to spur the community spirit to a realization of the responsibility of the home front to the returned veteran, whether he is disabled, or simply a different man from the one who went out. Much of the material is available in perhaps more expanded and more concretely informative form elsewhere, but is used here to lead up to the major premise -- the need for Civilian Centers of Rehabilitation, centers that will provide the needed link between what the government can do on the one hand, and what industry can do on the other. As I went over the suggestions for stimulating interest, getting community cooperation, handling needs of reeduction, of preparation for going back into civilian life, for getting a job, it seemed to me that here was the perfect war memorial to be put up by communities everywhere, a living memorial to serve the returned veteran in name of those had gone.

Publisher: Creative Age Press