POETS AT PRAYER by Sister Mary James Power


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A delightful piece of work, unbiased and unprejudiced. Sister Mary James has chosen the modern poets we hear so much about, poets who influence the youth of these United States and Britain, poets whose voices are heard in foreign tongues as well. Some are Christian, some pagan; each is fairly appraised. Of Millay she says, ""It is the autobiography of a soul that never saw beyond the natural. Were the motive of her love supernaturalized the treatise would be a study in Catholic Mysticism."" Masefield she describes as a ""fatalist"" and Elinor Wylie as ""a Christian by grace."" She judges from their work not their lives. With certain exceptions we enjoyed and can recommend the book to all students of modern poetry, poetry societies, classes, etc., as well as the clergymen looking for a unique subject for a series of talks.

Publisher: Sheed & Ward