THE FUTURE AS THE PRESENCE OF SHARED HOPE by Sister Maryellen--Ed. Muckenhirn


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The most embarrassing aspect of traditional theology today lies in that section known as eschatology, which treats of the ""last things"": death, judgment, heaven, hell. It is an embarrassment which expresses itself eloquently in silence; one seldom hears hellfire and brimstone invoked from the pulpit any more. In the vacuum thus created it is necessary to formulate a view of the future more in keeping with modern realities, and it is this that Sister Maryellen and her co-authors essay. The vital element of their view of the future is hope--hope basically for the improvement of the lot of humanity, but a hope essentially based on a belief in God. Interestingly enough, the three essays which discuss hope from the standpoint of the Jewish experience are extraordinarily perceptive and practical, while the four which approach it from a wholly Christian perspective seem, in comparison, formidably speculative and theoretical-while Father Dominic Crossan's contribution on ""Eschatological Statements in the New Testament"" is a masterpiece of scholarly pedantry. All in all, a worthwhile collection, particularly in view of the scarcity of modern thought in this area, but one whose appeal is to the professional theologian rather than to the lay reader.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1968
Publisher: Sheed & Ward