THIS PLACE CALLED LOURDES by Sister Maureen O.P. Flynn


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Books about Lourdes are numerous. In view of the fact that the year 1958 will occasion the celebration of the Centenary Jubilee of the Apparitions at Lourdes, the number of books on the subject can be expected to increase. Some will undoubtedly be good, others poor, and others again, mediocre. The present work should be classed among those that are good. Based on a visit to Lourdes and on first-hand documents from patients and doctors connected with Lourdes, this volume discusses the place itself, the miracles wrought there and the pilgrims drawn there, in a highly intelligent manner, without either credulity or false rationalism, but with careful regard for facts, with reverence, thoughtfulness and an eye for what is most essential and most interesting. A special feature of the book is its account and discussion of four very recent miracles. Catholic and non- Catholic readers alike, seeking information, serious discussion and religious inspiration in connection with the shrine of Lourdes will find all three things offered to them in this very readable book.

Publisher: Regnery