WESTWARD HA! by S.J. Perelman
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High in humor, and in high hysteria, Perelman indulges his Mitty-like character in a round the world in ""80 cliches"", supercharged by his traveling companion, Al Hirschfeld, whose illustrations will enliven an already lively poisonous baedeker a la Perelman. No record of a tour has ever described such flea bags, slanty eyed cutthroats, unrefined lack of enthusiasm for such a trip, no traveler has exhibited such maddened response to foreign sights. Whether he is berating accommodations, Hirschfeld, fellow travelers, food, transportation or local habits. Perelman gives a jumbo sized portion of his own frenzied mumbo, lets the buffoon quiet down a few times to make a serious statement of appreciation, and in general stays off the record for an irascible, irrevelant passage in purgatory.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1948
ISBN: 158080067X
Publisher: Simon & Schuster