HERE AM I by S.J. Woolf


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Woolf is known to a wide audience through his sketches and interviews in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. This is his life story, a story largely composed of anecdotes, reminiscences, sidelights on public figures in all walks of life as he came to know them in his work. Born in New York of the '80's, his picture of the era in which he grew up, and of his erratic inventor father is gracefully down. At 13 he started to draw, then entered the Art Students League, and made his beginnings as a portrait painter. The war combined pen and pencil sketches, and almost everyone of note in that period is represented, leaders in politics, in finance, in industry, in the arts. His story is built on other people's personalities, combined with pleasant chitchat.

ISBN: 1164510819
Publisher: Random House