NIGHT DROP by S.L.A. Marshall


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The famous night drop of thousands of American parachute troops on D Day in Normandy -- troops led by later famed commanders such as General Ridgway and James ""Slim Jim"" -Gavin --is here documented in a book almost astonishing in its detailed, staccato effect. Although detail is the essence of the book--the landing in marshes, the fight for a village, the blunders, defeats, and final victories of squads over hedgerows and ditches tremendous overall effect is finally built up. A soldier dies. Another machine three Germans. A platoon advances to a house. Another is wiped out by mortar fire. A bridge is taken, lost, taken again. Slowly the paratroopers make contact with the Utah them and the Allied invasion of France is secure. Although of course not only the details of those early hours and days of fighting with the sky born regiments can be into one book, it would almost seem they are. The effect--- cold, sometimes human, sometimes brutal--gives one the impression he is watching the whole battle go on, step by step. A really unusual historical piece, both in extent of purpose, and in style. Very readable.

Pub Date: March 8th, 1962
Publisher: Little, Brown (AMP)