JANUS ISLAND by Sloan Wilson


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Ben Power is forty five, divorced, alone, broke, and the victim of a kind of menopausal mawkishness so many of Sloan Wilson's heroes have indulged. Then he meets Penny Savodi and she's in her late twenties, young enough to renew him. She goes with him down to Janus Island off Florida where his patronising, parasitic, paranoid old friend Nort, a millionaire, has a dream of locating buried Spanish gold underwater--fool's gold which drives Nort on and on toward his own destruction.... One questions whether the deep seanery will serve oan Wilson any better than it did James Jones; it's not obscene, certainly, but embarrassing--""I want to squeeze all the life there is in you into me where it can grow and be born into the world."" Wilson has no writer's block--he's spun this out loosely to some 500 pages but what was once grey flannel smooth is Just wash and wear wilted.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1967
Publisher: Little, Brown