THE SMOKE WATCHERS' HOW-TO-QUIT BOOK by Smoke Watchers International


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This book can be your best friend, if you let it,"" wisely proclaims this worthy society, for hard core smokers are as wily as eels and expect to be coaxed into the net with quips and cranks. There is no initial invitation to inhale deeply while reading and no clubby gab. Smokers with a shelf of ""How to Stop"" books, familiar with all the blandishments, will skip to the last section for the latest laughable gimmick--and there is one, but the plan is intriguing and sobering. In the first place, it's demanding, with all sorts of self-ratings (hierarchy of cig-nificance), charts and even a signed statement. If you hate yourself enough, you'll do it. Secondly, it takes time (Stage I--one to four weeks; Stage II--one to six weeks; Stage III--four to sixteen weeks), and there's no ""Today-I've-quit"" hysteria with its three-pack aftermath. There is emphasis placed on team or buddy efforts which may discourage some loners, but the A.A.-derived method for group efforts seems to be most effective. An exhaustive and hopeful assault on the habit--perhaps familiar to some through TV sessions of Smoke Watchers. Once more into the breach, dear friends. . . . Put out the light and then put out the light. . . .

Publisher: Geis