OVERCOMING ANTI-SEMITISM by Solomon Andhil Fineberg


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Dr. Fineberg writes out of extensive experience in handling anti-semitic problems in communities the country over, and speaks sanely, authoritatively and constructively of a problem which exists almost everywhere today. Thoroughly realistic in his approach, he contends that now is the time for vigorous action through systematic education, affirmative action, strengthening of the positive values of Jewish living. He urges individuals to form Civic-Protective Agencies, preferably with professional directors, in order that local facts can be ascertained, and local action planned before -- rather than after -- ""incidents"" occur. Local ordinance against discriminatory practices are urged instead of legal processes; individuals must be schooled to intelligent reactions by proper presentation of basic causes rather than surface irritants. He discusses at some length the aspects of anti-Semitism, the symptoms, the treatment. He urges the going back to basic American principles rather than attacking the anti-Semitic manifestations of their betrayal. He elaborates five principles of action, and summarises the methods individuals and communities should follow. A real contribution to a problem that belongs alike to Jews and citizens of every faith and creed. The theoretical and didactic material is livened with numerous anecdotes and illustrations.

Publisher: Harper