THE TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT CONTROL: How to Lose Weight Permanently by Solomon. Neil M.D. & Sally Sheppard

THE TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT CONTROL: How to Lose Weight Permanently

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Dr. Solomon moves serenely through both familiar and dim areas in the problem of obesity and weight control with solid cubits of Q. & A. and a startling lead-off in the form of a diet regimen for worried plumps to use preceding an obligatory doctor's visit. Unfortunately the use of ice water five minutes before each meal is never sufficiently explained. Throughout he emphasizes the many varieties of causes of overweight -- chemical imbalance (some interesting facts and speculations on basal metabolism tests), organ malfunction, emotional disturbances, etc. There is also a roundup of information on somatypical analysis, experiments in nutrition, some contemporary theory, along with useful charts (it takes 5 minutes of running to work off an apple -- most would rather recline for 78). Dr. Solomon also shreds fad diets (it is disappointing that he neglects the popular Stillman) and other gimmickry. The endorsement of a brand-name food supplement weakens the lofty professionalism, but the protein content is higher than in most weight-losing manuals.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1971
Publisher: Stein & Day