THE TUAREG by Sonia Bleeker
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The Tuareg men don the traditional indigo blue veils at the age of 15. They peer out of a narrow slit at the desert world that their ancestors once commanded. The Tuareg had held all the caravan routes through the Sahara and were notable raiders. Miss Bleeker traces the history and customs peculiar to this people and describes the intricate society that they have developed. This starts in the matriarchal family unit and includes nobles and slaves. Their grand scale raiding days are over, but their caravans are still a part of the desert scene. In straightforward terms, the authors brings home to elementary school readers what it means for a nomadic/warrior tribe to be forced to adapt to a technological world. The details of their daily life, their camel herds and their training makes for outstanding non-fiction at this age level.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1964
Publisher: Morrow