THE PYGMIES: Africans of the Congo Forest by Sonia Bleeker

THE PYGMIES: Africans of the Congo Forest

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The least interesting thing about the Pygmies is their size, the most interesting their harmony with the forest and with each other, evidence of which appears throughout Miss Bleeker's account of the Mbuti, the most thoroughly studied group. A few constants; women are accepted as equals, feelings are displayed openly, all punishment is carried out by the community, every child is everyone's responsibility, marriage is not permanent until a child is born. Described in some detail is the process of making and breaking camp, hunting procedures (for bees and termites too), girls initiation into womanhood, the Molimo or memorial for the dead. Today, having resisted attempts of the Congo villagers to exploit them, the Pygmies still go their own way. As shown close-up and with respect, it's a way worth protecting.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1968
Publisher: Morrow