THE AZTEC by Sonia Bleeker
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This anthropological study of the Aztecs of Mexico, whom the author (who has written other worthwhile studies of various Indians) states are the most complex of all Indians, is executed in a lucid, readable style, and neatly organized into chapters which logically follow one another. These unusual people, who courted the favor of the gods in strange ways, including abundant human sacrifice, are ""photographed"" by the author in their small crowded villages and extravagant, wealthy cities, leading their daily lives. A careful examination of the Aztec religion is one of the most valuable parts. Their victories, and final downfall in 1520, are recorded, and the author concludes by surveying the Aztecs' situation in Mexico today. Teachers should find this a sound supplement to the study of Mexican history.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1963
Publisher: Morrow